Defibrillators to be installed at all NHS dental practices
BBC News
2014-04-01     23:30 Category: Stiri
Defibrillators are to be installed in every Scottish NHS dental practice. -------------------------------
Prescription opioid availability and associated abuse
2013-11-24     03:43 Category: Stiri
Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis say one way to gauge the extent of prescription opioid pain reliever abuse in any Indiana county is to count the number of health care providers, particularly dentists and pharmacists.
Bio patch regenerates missing or damaged bone
2013-11-24     03:39 Category: Stiri
Research led by the University of Iowa has tested a "bio patch" that regenerates missing or damaged bone by inserting DNA into nano-sized particles to deliver bone-making genetic instructions directly into cells.
New Report Concludes That Dental Implants Can Save Costs And Improve Quality Of Life
2013-07-10     00:42 Category: Stiri
A report published as the lead article in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants shows that dental implants offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments for tooth replacement.
Patients with facial paralysis benefit from new therapy
by Dental Tribune International
2013-04-15     00:47 Category: Stiri
JENA, Germany: More than 70,000 patients in Germany alone are affected by facial paralysis following injury or surgery. A new interdisciplinary therapeutic approach that combines physiotherapy, physiology and behavioural medicine may relieve the symptoms, which impair patients’ quality of life significantly.
Dentists accused of failing to tell patients of NHS entitlements
Office of Fair Trading says half a million patients a year may mistakenly pay for private dental care
2012-09-18     10:03 Category: Stiri
Dentists may be deliberately misleading their patients about their NHS entitlements to prompt them to pay for private treatment, according to a report by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
Tooth Sensitivity and Your Smile
2012-09-18     10:02 Category: Stiri
Every year, dentists all across the country hear complaints from their patients about tooth sensitivity. As a common oral health problem, tooth sensitivity is caused when the gums recede, exposing tooth roots. When hot or cold stimuli come into contact with these roots, a sensation is passed through the tubules in the roots directly to the nerve of the tooth, creating pain.
Saliva’s Role in Oral Health
2012-09-18     10:00 Category: Stiri
When you think about oral health, you probably think about your gums and your teeth.
Could Coconut Oil Save Your Smile?
2012-09-18     09:56 Category: Stiri
Some people love the taste of coconut, and coconut water has been a trendy drink in the last couple of years. But whether you love it on your German chocolate cake or can’t stand the stuff, recent research shows that coconut may have more than just taste benefits. Well, coconut oil, that is. According to a study from the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland, coconut oil’s antibacterial properties could spell good news for your smile and help you avoid cavities.
Gum Disease Linked To Oral Cancer Virus
2012-08-27     10:50 Category: Stiri
The British Dental Health Foundation is looking to educate the public on good oral health after scientists discovered severe gum disease could be linked to an increased risk of head and neck cancer cases caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
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