Can Oral Care for Babies Prevent Future Cavities?
ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2011)
2012-03-02     14:22 Category: Generale
New parents have one more reason to pay attention to the oral health of their toothless babies. A recent University of Illinois study confirms the presence of bacteria associated with early childhood caries (ECC) in infant saliva.
Your Dental Hygienist Education
Read about dental hygienist education and careers, including job description, required education and salary
2012-03-01     11:23 Category: Generale
Dental Hygienist Education - How to become dental hygienist
Spinbrush Electric Toothbrush May Not Be Safe For Use
Written By Christine Kearney
2012-02-29     11:08 Category: Generale
A new warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), states that certain electric toothbrushes may not be safe for use. On more than one occasion, the battery-powered Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, previously known as the Crest Spinbrush, has been known to break, causing pieces of the toothbrush to injure eyes, and teeth, and even choking.
Dental Pulp Stem Cells Transformed By 'Bad Breath' Chemical
2012-02-29     10:59 Category: Generale
Japanese scientists have found that the odorous compound responsible for halitosis - otherwise known as bad breath - is ideal for harvesting stem cells taken from human dental pulp.
A scanning electron microscopic study of debris and smear layer remaining following use of AET instruments and Kflexofil
by Saulius Drukteinis, Irena Balciuniene
2012-02-23     10:56 Category: Generale
Aim To compare in vitro the cleanliness of root canal walls following automated or manual instrumentation. Methodology Thirty extracted human maxillary central incisors, maxillary and mandibular canines and premolars with single root canals were used in this study. The teeth were divided into two groups. In group 1 (20 teeth) automated canal preparation was performed using Anatomic Endodontic Technology (AET). In group 2 (10 teeth) manual instrumentation was performed with K-Flexofiles. Irrigation was
A five years clinical evaluation of sealed occlusal surfaces of molars
by Ruta Bendinskaite, Vytaute Peciuliene, Vilma Brukiene
2012-02-23     10:51 Category: Generale
SUMMARY Background. Air-abrasion can be used for enamel preparation before fissure sealing as well as acid etching which is the evidence-based method for enamel preparation before sealing. Aim. The aim of this study is to evaluate the status of sealed occlusal surfaces of the first permanent molars after one, two, and five years and to compare consequence of using the two different methods for enamel preparation before sealing. Materials and methods. At the baseline of the study 88 children of the a
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